Friday, August 26, 2011

Underground Railroad to Candyland- Knows Your Sins

This continues where Underground Railroad to Candyland's first album, Bird Roughs left off, continuing with their San Pedro, CA surf punk. Todd Conge's song writing style is pretty unmistakable. All of his bands, Toys That Kill, F.Y.P., Stoned At Heart, his solo work, and Underground, have differences, but you can hear the musical brain behind all of them. Out of all of these, it's closest to his solo albums, but with a more filled out sound. There are some instrumentals like "Animals! Run!," "2010," and the Link Wray cover "Run Chicken Run," but I was thinking more vocal surf rock. Think less Dick Dale and more Beach Boys or Jan & Dean. Especially think of the Beach Boys after Brian Wilson took acid. The harmonies and strange little flourishes bring to mind albums like Pet Sounds and Smile.

Underground Railroad to Candyland's Myspace

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