Thursday, September 29, 2011

UV Race- Homo

When I saw Eddy Current Suppression Ring a few years ago I wasn't the most impressed. They were boring, to be honest. The music was alright recorded, but live, meh. I just can't shake that memory and UV Race shares at least one member. So, I don't know if it's just boredom by association, but I'm bored by this. Plus it sounds like garage for hipsters. I wanted to like these guys (I first heard of them through the Gonerfest 7 lineup), but I just don't think it's going to happen.

A recent metal head recently told my wife that punk has it right. In comparison to metal bands who need every note perfect even when live, punk bands just have fun and go and play sloppy. I don't get the fun and sloppy feeling from these guys, even with their garage required lo-fi recordings. They're from Ausralia, for Chrissakes! Where's the drunken abandon?

On the plus side, the songs that have the saxaphone ala The Stooges' Funhouse are my favorites. Those songs are alright enough, but it's not hard to get me to like punk songs with noisy saxes.

UV Race's Myspace

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Night Birds- Fresh Kills

I'm not the biggest fan of hardcore, but that's changing with all these great bands coming out that are more Germs/Dead Kennedys/Bad Brains/(insert whatever band that were just a faster, harder punk rock) and less meathead hXc horse pucky. And picking out of three aforementioned bands, Dead Kennedys would be the obvious jumping off point for these guys, specifically East Bay Ray's surf rock inflected riffs. I guess that's really all that's Dead Kennedys-ish here, but it's hard to not mention, most of all because it's just so freaking cool. On top of this you get a lot of lyrics about murder, killing, and variations of these themes from blood soaked midnight movies. And they cover "Squad Car," one of the coolest instrumental surf songs ever! One of the Ergs is involved. And they're from the Jersey Shore/Brooklyn, NY. If I was from those places, I'd probably sing about killing people, too.
Check them out!

Night Bird's myspace

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

GG Allin & The Jabbers: Scum Fucks or One of the Greatest Power Bands Ever?



The Wax Museums- Eye Times

Yes! This has got to be my favorite album of the year. How are all these bands recently (i.e. the last year or two) emerging that so perfectly channel what made the Ramones so great and fun after decades of shitty bands who claim to be doing the same? Screeching Weasel? Give me a fucking break. Terrible! After hearing The Wax Museums along with Nobunny, The Mean Jeans, Hex Dispensers, et al, one wonders how that baggy shorts stuff ever got associated with the greatest rock 'n' roll band ever from Queens.
This record is just so cool. I mean these guys are so bored and angry (and when I say angry I mean funny) that they wrote "Between" about how they hate the space between your eyebrows. "Breakfast For Dinner" is the greatest song about afternoon delight since "Afternoon Delight." I'm gonna be listening to this for years.

The Shrapnelles- s/t 7"

Listening to this reminds me of the Trashwomen. That's an easy one, because the singer (along with the rest of the band) is female. That plus she belts it out in front of a band that has got to be aware of the Budget Rock stylings of The Mummies, Rip Offs, and/or Supercharger. The first two, "My Mom is Hot" and "HIV" are snotty punk songs, where the third, "Desert Furs" slows things down and shows a little more melody. Doing some basic google research tells me they're from Calgary, which is famous for snow and being remote. But I live in Maine, so that just makes me like it more.

The Shrapnelles' Myspace