Friday, September 9, 2011

The Infoiatis- Deep Jungle Safari

The thing with surf rock is the songs never sound like their titles. It doesn't really sound like the devil shot his amp. The guitar tone would be more fucked up than it is on "The Devil Shot My Amp." Or, "Hard Traffic" I suppose could sound like the situation referenced in the title, but so can it like any number of other harrowing situations and topics. The other thing about surf rock, though, is you can't name every song "Cool Surf Rock Song #..." So you pick random names. Man... or Astro-Man? were the kings of this. What you get is nine cool surf rock songs, and some even manage to mix things up while staying true to Ventures-isms. "Mezcal Breakfast" has a ska/reggae undercurrent to it. And no, I didn't try to use a sea related metaphor because it's surf rock. I just so happen to like sea related metaphors.

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