Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oblivians- Soul Food

It's not even really an album, just a compilation of previously released singles and filled out with some unreleased material, but this is a monster. Growing up a dirty punk kid along the banks of the Mississippi, weened on oldies radio that at that time meant a lot of doo wop and soul, this is what makes sense to me musically. If I were a people, this would be the music of my people. Greg, Jack, and Eric helped to extend the idea of garage punk to include black rock 'n' roll and Killed By Death punk, helping make the genre what it is today. Seriously, they could've been another Mummies/Billy Childish clone and that would've been alright, I guess. But instead they took what what was going on around them and made their own thing. Even the Gories/'68 Comeback influence gets innovated on. Evolution doesn't always equal progressive.

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