Saturday, September 24, 2011

Night Birds- Fresh Kills

I'm not the biggest fan of hardcore, but that's changing with all these great bands coming out that are more Germs/Dead Kennedys/Bad Brains/(insert whatever band that were just a faster, harder punk rock) and less meathead hXc horse pucky. And picking out of three aforementioned bands, Dead Kennedys would be the obvious jumping off point for these guys, specifically East Bay Ray's surf rock inflected riffs. I guess that's really all that's Dead Kennedys-ish here, but it's hard to not mention, most of all because it's just so freaking cool. On top of this you get a lot of lyrics about murder, killing, and variations of these themes from blood soaked midnight movies. And they cover "Squad Car," one of the coolest instrumental surf songs ever! One of the Ergs is involved. And they're from the Jersey Shore/Brooklyn, NY. If I was from those places, I'd probably sing about killing people, too.
Check them out!

Night Bird's myspace

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